Dublin on Film

In the beautiful winter light of January, I spent some time shooting photos around Dublin. Winter has a reputation for being dark and miserable in Ireland, but every now and then you get a sunny day, and timed right you get some really beautiful light. I set out to capture some images of the city. I did something a little different that I usually do though, I shot on film.

A New Year's Dawn, 2017

My wife and I headed out to the beach at Sandymount this morning with the aim of catching the first sunrise of the new year. We got up at 6.30, and it was still pitch black and bloody cold. Aas the sun inched ever closer to our side of the world, the light got more and more spectacular. 

A December Walk along the Liffey

A little while ago, on a cold but sunny December’s day, I took a lovely walk along the Liffey. I was meeting a friend in Smithfield and rather than take the Luas back to get home, I decided that I would walk. The area around Smithfield along the banks of the river is quite lovely in the right light. 

The Floating Santas

This year, while taking photos of the Christmas decorations around the city, I was walking across the Ha’penny bridge and I noticed some commotion on the river. Much to my surprise a flotilla of Santa costume wearing rowers came rowing up the Liffey in kayaks belting out Christmas tunes as they went. 

Dublin at Christmas

Dublin is always festive at Christmas, and I like seeing the decorations up around the city bringing some festive cheer.When photographing the decorations, I do try and capture things a little differently. I like taking closeups of things, or seeing decorations from a different angle or perspective.

Hug a lamp post today

Dublin city has so many different types of lamp posts and lights, both new and historical, and they are a feature on many of Dublin's streets. One estimate puts  the number of lampposts in the city at 32,000. Today, the Dublin lamp post has become nearly as iconic as the Georgian Dublin door. 

Concrete, Steel & Glass

I’ve always been quite fond of textures and patterns. I find that, even in the seemingly harsh and cold medium of concrete and glass there can be beauty. I spent a few hours the other day in the Docklands, one of the newest parts of Dublin City, where there are lots of modern buildings as well as ongoing construction, and the light was just right to really emphasis the aesthetics of these elements.

The Streets of Dublin Past, Part II

In the first part of this series in which I shared some pictures from my film archives of Dublin City, I looked at some of the areas of the city that has changed significantly since the late nineties. I looked at Connoly station, O’Connell Street, and the Liffey as well as the Powerscourt Centre just off Grafton Street. At the time I was taking quite a few pictures of people too. Without really realising it I had already began shooting “street photography”. 

The Streets of Dublin Past: Part 1

I've been taking photographs for about 20 years or so. Originally I shot on film and over the years I've collected a large quantity of negative and slide film. It's been sitting in my closet for some time, but recently I've been going through it and scanning in some of my old photos. The results were a bit of an eye opener. What struck me, and it’s something that I hadn't realised, but I was taking lots of photos of Dublin in a similar fashion to my Streets of Dublin project now.

Canal Bank Walk

One of my absolutely favourite places in Dublin City is on the banks of the Grand Canal between Portabello and Mount Street. It is a beautiful stretch of walkway, with leafy green trees and gorgeous benches. I spent a bit of time there recently in the gorgeous summer sunshine and I captured lots of photos of the place.

Architectural Lines, Patterns & Textures

I love images of patterns and textures, which I guess comes from years working in design and animation. However, I do love how some modern (or relatively modern) architecture can make some really interesting graphic shapes when taken in the right light and from the right angle. Dublin's Trinity College has some great buildings for taking these kinds of shots.