The Colours of Dublin City

If there’s one thing I love about the stretch of sunshine when it comes to photography, its the way it brings out the colour around us. Dublin may feel like a dull and grey place sometimes, but its actually pretty colourful. You just don’t notice it as much when the rain and grey clouds turn the saturation down. But with a little sunshine, take a stroll and open your eyes and you can find colour everywhere.

The Calm before The Pride

I happened to be in the city centre last weekend, just before the annual Pride march was about to take place. While I wasn’t able to stay for the parade itself, I did manage to see some of the buildup to the event. Dublin became a sea of colour, and the beautiful weather certainly helped. 

Dublin in Detail

Perhaps it is the designer in me, but I love capturing images of details, whether it’s graffiti, street art, quirky objects, or simply bold colours and textures. Dublin city is full of these sights. Everywhere you look you will find something interesting. Whether it’s the light falling on a window display, or the layers of paper from old billboards, it’s a world of texture and colour.

The Quiet Streets

Setting out early on a Saturday morning to shoot some street photography around the city, I was surprised at how quiet and serene it was. On this particular overcast day, the empty south side was simply peaceful. I headed around the area of the canal and Baggot Street and enjoyed the calm while trying to capture the atmosphere through the facades of the closed shops to the interesting architectural details. Even in the heart of the city, and as the bustle began to climb, there were still moments of quiet.

Dublin’s Autumn Light

Autumn in Ireland is my absolute favourite time of the year for taking photos. When the leaves on the trees start to take on their seasonal colours the landscape takes on a beautiful sheen of red and gold. But it’s not just the trees, and the leaves that make Autumn special. It’s the light too. The Autumn light in Ireland is beautiful. The slow change of the seasons starts to bring a warm and golden light to the country as the sun is lower and lower in the sky. 

Sunset over the Irish Sea

I happened to be in the right place at the right time the other day to capture an amazing sunset. While travelling back on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, the sea was calm and the sky was beautiful, and as we reached the middle of the journey the sun set on the horizon, in a beautiful display of reds and golds.

Dalkey, and The Blue of the Irish Sea

Last weekend, in the midst of the June heatwave, I got to spend a little time in Dalkey. As it was such a lovely day, I wanted to capture the sea and so I went to Colliemore Harbour, which I was told would be a good viewing spot. It was indeed, and from there, I had a great vantage point out to Dalkey Island, as well as the surrounding sea and Dublin Bay.