All in City Centre

Festive Doorways

I was having my first post christmas photo walk around the city on Sunday and I noticed that there were some lovely doorways, festooned with wreaths for the holiday season. While normally, christmas decorations look a little sad after christmas day, with all the poor weather in the lead up to Christmas, it was nice to see the doorways  in their christmas clothing shining in the wonderful winter light that we had that morning.

Building Demolition on Dawson Street

I was surprised to see the destruction of the building on Dawson street and Molesworth Street that previously housed the Government Publications office. It’s slowly being demolished, and the work seems to have been going on all through Christmas. While not exactly a pretty building by any means, it was long a fixture of Dawson street, so it’s kind of sad to see it go.

Tales of Christmas Past

Over the past few years I've always done my best to try and get some shots of the decorations around the city. While this hasn't always been possible due to the fact that my work is usually busiest around the month of December, I've gathered a collection of festive shots from the past few years, and here's a selection

Moody Sky Over Dublin

I was walking into the city yesterday, and as I headed down Harcourt Street, I noticed the interesting clouds in the distance. As I grabbed my camera, the sun went in where I was standing, but it was still shining in the distance, creating an effect almost like a spotlight in the distance. It was a magical moment that was gone a few seconds later.