All in Canal

Canal Bank Walk

One of my absolutely favourite places in Dublin City is on the banks of the Grand Canal between Portabello and Mount Street. It is a beautiful stretch of walkway, with leafy green trees and gorgeous benches. I spent a bit of time there recently in the gorgeous summer sunshine and I captured lots of photos of the place.

The Changing Look of the Canal

Dublin's grand canal is a picturesque spot all year around. I find myself taking photos here quite a few times during the year and I discovered that I have a photo of the canal taken from the same place for each season of the year. 

Grand Canal Dock, From the Other Side

I was walking in the Grand Canal dock area the other day and I noticed that the area around the theatre and the Marker Hotel looked really impressive when seen from across the water. I wouldn't normally be over this side, so it was good to see it from a different vantage for a change. Also, the buildings looked great in the fleeting moments of sunshine between the clouds.

On Your Bike

I was walking by the grand canal in the city on a beautiful summer Saturday, and I was struck by how many people were out, happily enjoying riding their bikes in the sunshine. And, taking the occasional rest to enjoy the scenery too.