All in City Centre

The Quiet Streets

Setting out early on a Saturday morning to shoot some street photography around the city, I was surprised at how quiet and serene it was. On this particular overcast day, the empty south side was simply peaceful. I headed around the area of the canal and Baggot Street and enjoyed the calm while trying to capture the atmosphere through the facades of the closed shops to the interesting architectural details. Even in the heart of the city, and as the bustle began to climb, there were still moments of quiet.

Luas Testing at Stephen's Green

This weekend, the cross city Luas was undergoing testing. I happened upon some of the work going on at Stephen's Green. As I approached, I could see the Gardai supervising the traffic, while a small army of engineers and workers walked up and down with the tram as it was testing the tracks. Members of the public watched in fascination as the testing gave the first hint that the four year project was nearing completion.

Early Morning on the Liffey

When I’m not out shooting, I’m generally working from my home studio. Working from home means you get to skip the morning commute which on rainy and cold mornings, which is always a pleasure but as spring and summer comes you miss out on the seeing Dublin wake up. A little while ago, I packed up cameras early to go into the city to get some photos, one of my favourite places to shoot , by the river Liffey.

A Black & White Dublin Collection

One of the questions that people often ask me, is how do I keep it interesting when shooting Dublin. The city is quite small, and I try to go out shooting as often as possible, so you might think that things would become stale after a while. But the city is constantly changing and I’m often trying to find new and different ways to look at it. Sometimes it can be as simple as using black and white rather than colour. 

The Floating Santas

This year, while taking photos of the Christmas decorations around the city, I was walking across the Ha’penny bridge and I noticed some commotion on the river. Much to my surprise a flotilla of Santa costume wearing rowers came rowing up the Liffey in kayaks belting out Christmas tunes as they went. 

Dublin at Christmas

Dublin is always festive at Christmas, and I like seeing the decorations up around the city bringing some festive cheer.When photographing the decorations, I do try and capture things a little differently. I like taking closeups of things, or seeing decorations from a different angle or perspective.

Architectural Lines, Patterns & Textures

I love images of patterns and textures, which I guess comes from years working in design and animation. However, I do love how some modern (or relatively modern) architecture can make some really interesting graphic shapes when taken in the right light and from the right angle. Dublin's Trinity College has some great buildings for taking these kinds of shots.

Crossing the Ha'penny Bridge

The Ha'penny bridge is one of Dublin's famous bridges, and probably one of the most iconic symbols of the city. It's also one of my favourite places to photograph. While it may seem odd to keep going back to the same spot, it's always changing, whether it's the people, the light, the weather, or even just the seagulls!

Grand Canal Dock at Night

It's been a while since I've taken any night shots of the city, and over the weekend I had the chance to take some pictures of the Grand Canal area after dark. Grand Canal dock is one of my favourite areas of the city, and the modern architecture combined with the lights and glass make for a great subject.