All in Dublin in Detail

Dublin in Detail

Perhaps it is the designer in me, but I love capturing images of details, whether it’s graffiti, street art, quirky objects, or simply bold colours and textures. Dublin city is full of these sights. Everywhere you look you will find something interesting. Whether it’s the light falling on a window display, or the layers of paper from old billboards, it’s a world of texture and colour.

The Quiet Streets

Setting out early on a Saturday morning to shoot some street photography around the city, I was surprised at how quiet and serene it was. On this particular overcast day, the empty south side was simply peaceful. I headed around the area of the canal and Baggot Street and enjoyed the calm while trying to capture the atmosphere through the facades of the closed shops to the interesting architectural details. Even in the heart of the city, and as the bustle began to climb, there were still moments of quiet.

Dublin’s Autumn Light

Autumn in Ireland is my absolute favourite time of the year for taking photos. When the leaves on the trees start to take on their seasonal colours the landscape takes on a beautiful sheen of red and gold. But it’s not just the trees, and the leaves that make Autumn special. It’s the light too. The Autumn light in Ireland is beautiful. The slow change of the seasons starts to bring a warm and golden light to the country as the sun is lower and lower in the sky. 

Street Photo Diary: St. Patricks Day Edition

Every year, at this time, the city of Dublin get’s a little greener. I’m not talking about some environmental initiative though. It’s not a sudden growth of trees or grass either. No, instead I’m talking about the annual build up to St. Patricks Day. Where every shop, pub and restaurant does it’s patriotic duty and adorns their premises in the requisite amount of green trappings, from Shamrocks to Leprechauns. If you didn’t know what was going on you’d think there was some kind of plastic outbreak.

Hug a lamp post today

Dublin city has so many different types of lamp posts and lights, both new and historical, and they are a feature on many of Dublin's streets. One estimate puts  the number of lampposts in the city at 32,000. Today, the Dublin lamp post has become nearly as iconic as the Georgian Dublin door. 

Pole Art

One of the interesting things that I see everywhere I go in Dublin is what I've taken to calling "Pole Art". On virtually every pole, bee it for a street sign or a lamp post, someone has put a sticker. These are either some kind of guerrilla marketing for something, or just plain street art. Some are pretty basic, others are quite good art wise, and some are quite witty. I suppose they are technically are graffiti, I do love the variety of them.