All in Ireland

Sunset over the Irish Sea

I happened to be in the right place at the right time the other day to capture an amazing sunset. While travelling back on the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin, the sea was calm and the sky was beautiful, and as we reached the middle of the journey the sun set on the horizon, in a beautiful display of reds and golds.

A New Year's Dawn, 2017

My wife and I headed out to the beach at Sandymount this morning with the aim of catching the first sunrise of the new year. We got up at 6.30, and it was still pitch black and bloody cold. Aas the sun inched ever closer to our side of the world, the light got more and more spectacular. 

Concrete, Steel & Glass

I’ve always been quite fond of textures and patterns. I find that, even in the seemingly harsh and cold medium of concrete and glass there can be beauty. I spent a few hours the other day in the Docklands, one of the newest parts of Dublin City, where there are lots of modern buildings as well as ongoing construction, and the light was just right to really emphasis the aesthetics of these elements.

Seeing Green

Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day, our national holiday here in Ireland. If there's one day that's synonymous with Ireland around the world it's St. Patricks Day. The other thing that's probably most associated with our little country is the colour green.