All in Liffey

Early Morning on the Liffey

When I’m not out shooting, I’m generally working from my home studio. Working from home means you get to skip the morning commute which on rainy and cold mornings, which is always a pleasure but as spring and summer comes you miss out on the seeing Dublin wake up. A little while ago, I packed up cameras early to go into the city to get some photos, one of my favourite places to shoot , by the river Liffey.

The Floating Santas

This year, while taking photos of the Christmas decorations around the city, I was walking across the Ha’penny bridge and I noticed some commotion on the river. Much to my surprise a flotilla of Santa costume wearing rowers came rowing up the Liffey in kayaks belting out Christmas tunes as they went. 

Crossing the Ha'penny Bridge

The Ha'penny bridge is one of Dublin's famous bridges, and probably one of the most iconic symbols of the city. It's also one of my favourite places to photograph. While it may seem odd to keep going back to the same spot, it's always changing, whether it's the people, the light, the weather, or even just the seagulls!