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Dublin on Film

In the beautiful winter light of January, I spent some time shooting photos around Dublin. Winter has a reputation for being dark and miserable in Ireland, but every now and then you get a sunny day, and timed right you get some really beautiful light. I set out to capture some images of the city. I did something a little different that I usually do though, I shot on film.

The Streets of Dublin Past: Part 1

I've been taking photographs for about 20 years or so. Originally I shot on film and over the years I've collected a large quantity of negative and slide film. It's been sitting in my closet for some time, but recently I've been going through it and scanning in some of my old photos. The results were a bit of an eye opener. What struck me, and it’s something that I hadn't realised, but I was taking lots of photos of Dublin in a similar fashion to my Streets of Dublin project now.