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Luas Testing at Stephen's Green

This weekend, the cross city Luas was undergoing testing. I happened upon some of the work going on at Stephen's Green. As I approached, I could see the Gardai supervising the traffic, while a small army of engineers and workers walked up and down with the tram as it was testing the tracks. Members of the public watched in fascination as the testing gave the first hint that the four year project was nearing completion.

Bloomsday Bike Rally

Today was one of those days that I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was walking through the Stephen’s Green centre in Dublin and I happened to notice a bit of commotion out the side door. I walked out only to be greeted by a lot of people dressed up in old clothes on old bikes. It was of course Bloomsday today, and I had wandered into the start of the Bloomsday Bike Rally.

Building Demolition on Dawson Street

I was surprised to see the destruction of the building on Dawson street and Molesworth Street that previously housed the Government Publications office. It’s slowly being demolished, and the work seems to have been going on all through Christmas. While not exactly a pretty building by any means, it was long a fixture of Dawson street, so it’s kind of sad to see it go.