All in Life of the City

The Streets of Dublin Past: Part 1

I've been taking photographs for about 20 years or so. Originally I shot on film and over the years I've collected a large quantity of negative and slide film. It's been sitting in my closet for some time, but recently I've been going through it and scanning in some of my old photos. The results were a bit of an eye opener. What struck me, and it’s something that I hadn't realised, but I was taking lots of photos of Dublin in a similar fashion to my Streets of Dublin project now.

Seeing Green

Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day, our national holiday here in Ireland. If there's one day that's synonymous with Ireland around the world it's St. Patricks Day. The other thing that's probably most associated with our little country is the colour green.

Looking Forward to Spring

It's been such a dark and dreary winter this year so far. The short dull days and long dark nights seem so endless and bleak. So, to brighten your mood, I thought I'd punctuate the monotony with a look forward to the colours and brightness of the coming spring, by looking back at springs of the past.

The Beautiful Winter Light of Ireland

I love the light in winter in Ireland. I love how the light changes throughout the seasons. Every season has it's own quality of light, and it makes images taken during that time unique. It also depends on where you are in the world, as different latitudes, and even different places on the same latitude can have differing characteristics to the light.

The Seasons of Dublin City

I take pictures pretty much all year in and around Dublin, and I love watching how the cycle of the seasons plays out across the stage of the city streets. Over this last year, as I sorted through my library, I realise just how interesting it is to look back, as winter becomes spring, spring becomes summer and so on.