About the Project

“The Streets of Dublin” is a website and a photography project by photographer and artist, Thomas Fitzgerald. The aim of this photography project is to show the real side of Dublin, and Ireland. The goal is to show Dublin as the modern multicultural city that it is, with some great cafe’s, first class restaurants that some of the worlds leading technology companies have decided to make their home. It focuses on, not just the people, but the city itself, the buildings, the architecture and the many little sights and quirky subjects that make up the heart and the soul of Dublin City

About the Artist

The Streets of Dublin is a project by Irish Photographer and Digital artist, Thomas Fitzgerald. Thomas trained as an animator and graphic designer and from there became a motion graphics artist working in television and film. His work can often be seen on national television and he has also worked on projects for international television, corporate clients and cinema. Despite his animation and graphics background, Thomas always perused his love of photography. His work with the visual medium of motion pictures encouraged his skills as a photographer and his cross-disciplined approach led him to his passion for photography today. 

Thomas currently works as a Writer and Photographer. He has written  “Mastering Aperture”, a tutorial book on how to get the most from Apple’s Aperture software, and several e-books on how to post process files from Fuji X-Series Cameras. He also writesand manages several blogs, including his own high traffic photography blog.


You can contact Thomas by sending an email to: info@tfitzgerald.com or using the form below

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