License Images


All images on the streets of Dublin are Copyright and may not be used without prior written permission. 

If you wish to enquire about licensing images from the Streets of Dublin project, there are two ways to go about this. 

1. A selection of the content from the project is available directly from the artist, at Thomas Fitzgerald Photography, in a variety of licences.

2. If you want to enquire about an image that you do not see available on Thomas's library, please contact us using the form below, and include the following details:

As I ahve a lot of images, in various different places, please make sure to include a link to the image that you are referencing, so that I know the exact image that you are talking about. In your email just let me know the following information:

  1. How you intend to use the image (ie. Print, Web, TV, Magazine etc)
  2. If it's a magazine or other printed piece, how big the print run will be
  3. Your Approximate Budget
  4. Any other requests / information that you might have

My licenses are generally rights managed, and some will only be available for use as Editorial. I'll try do my best to work with you if you have specific requirements, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Name *
Please include the address of the image and its location / description
If it's for sale or print, how many do you expect to sell / print
How big a budget do you have? What're your expectations on cost?