A winter walk in the Phoenix Park

A little while ago, shortly before Christmas, I went for a lovely walk in the beautiful Phoenix Park. The Phoenix Park is not somewhere I go that often, which is a real shame, as it’s a fabulous resource to have here in Dublin. It’s quite unique to have such a huge swath of nature right in the middle of a city, and it’s a real breath of fresh air to spend time there. 

In winter, the park takes on a mysterious quality. The combination of dormant, leafless trees and low winter sunshine makes parts of the park seem like something out of one of Grimm’s fairy tales. And yet, even on this unseasonably mild winter’s day, the Phoenix Park was full of life. We had hoped to spot some deer, but they were nowhere to be seen. Instead, there were lots of horse riders, dog walkers and joggers out enjoying the fresh air. 

I certainly plan to spend some more time there in the new year, and I hope to be able to share lots more photo walks from the park here on The Streets of Dublin. It will also make for some great additions to the second edition of my Dublin Parks book. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from my Winter’s walk in the Phoenix Park.

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