A December Walk along the Liffey

A little while ago, on a cold but sunny December’s day, I took a lovely walk along the Liffey. I was meeting a friend in Smithfield and rather than take the Luas back to get home, I decided that I would walk. The area around Smithfield along the banks of the river is quite lovely in the right light. 

I  wanted to walk along this particular stretch for a week or so. When I was in the Phoenix Park recently, we drove back into town along the quays, and just at Smithfield, the way the river narrows, and with the bridges the way they are, the road kind of dips down below the next bridge, and it’s a lovely sight. It makes it feel like an exotic distant place from some romantic or spy novel set in a remote city far way. Mind you, I’m sure if you’re stuck in traffic every day on that particular stretch of road, I’m sure it’s not quite so romantic.

It was cold that day, but the light was beautiful. The winter light in Ireland can be really great, and this particular day it was gleaming. I walked down the quays enjoying the sunshine and the scenery, and then I noticed that some brave person was entertaining the stopped traffic by juggling in the middle of the road. From there I made my way down to the City Council building and on till I reached temple bar.

One of the reasons that I never get tired of exploring the streets of Dublin city is that there's so much to see, often hiding in plain sight. There is a lot of detail on buildings, and sometimes, you see something in the right light that you might never have noticed otherwise. 

Here’s a selection of my photos from the winter’s walk that day. I started at Smithfield and headed from there along the north side of the river until the O'Donovan Rossa Bridge opposite Dublin City Council, beside the Four Courts, and then I crossed over to the south side and walked down the river to Temple Bar. 

Map ©2016 Google

Map ©2016 Google

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