Dragons in the Dark. A Night in the Zoo

There is a pretty amazing exhibit on in Dublin Zoo at the moment. The “Wild Lights” experience, is an art show of sorts, featuring animal shaped lanterns which are all around the zoo, mimicking a real zoo experience, only in lights. The artwork was created by a group of china artists, and is really something to behold. 

My wife and I headed to the park on Sunday night, at 5pm just as the sun was setting. I was amazed at the queue for entrance, but thanks to the staff, it kept moving quickly, and it wasn’t long until we were in. Before you even get inside the walls of the zoo you are greeted by a massive dragon over the zoo entrance, glowing in yellow and orange. Once inside the illuminated animals are all around the zoo, and they’re pretty spectacular, as are the plant lanterns (planterns?) which light the way around the busy paths. 

There is everything here from dragons to dinosaurs, from pandas to penguins, giraffes to monkeys and everything in between. It really is a spectacular experience, and while it’s getting hard to get tickets now, if you can, it’s worth every penny. I took a few photos along the way, but you really need to see this in person. 

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