The Central Bank’s New Home

Dublin’s central bank up until now has been 6-9 College Green, just off Dame Street  Dame Street. A large building with a small plaza out front that asides from being a meeting place for many, a walk through to temple bar and the site of the short lived occupy dame street in 2011

The bank is now on the move, by the end of March 2017 it will have completed its relocation to a brand new shiny gold building with interesting design.  The Irish times recently took a tour inside. It really is an impressive building and it’s hard to believe that for many years it sat along our docklands unfinished. 

The current - soon to be former home of the Central Bank on Dame Street (Click to view Large)

I took some photos of the new building recently and in going back through my files found some photos taken in 2015 of the building before it was finished. I also have some even older shots from 2014 when it was just a shell. 

The building site was pretty famous in Dublin for some time as an icon of the country’s recession and failure of the “Celtic Tiger”. In sat as a shell for many years, and it was originally supposed to be the headquarters of the infamous Anglo Irish bank, that was at the centre of much of the financial trouble here. Now however, the building is pretty much finished, and it looks amazing. It’s great to see such innovative and modern architecture in the city

I have put them together for a before and after view. It is good to see this building finally finished and the ghosts of the past laid to rest.

(Above) The Building when it was just a Shell. Photos taken from 2014 - 2015 (Click to view Large)

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