Malahide to Portmarnock: A Beautiful Walk on the North Dublin Coast

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful spring morning, My Wife and I headed out to the picturesque town of Malahide, north of Dublin City. The aim of our visit was not to see the village, though. Instead, we wanted to do the coast walk from Malahide to Portmarnock.

The coast road between these two villages also has a lovely winding pathway alongside the road, which skirts the coastline between Malahide Beach and Portmarnock Beach. As you leave Malahide you can look out over the beautiful golden sands of the beach at malaise, and look off into the distance at the next town up the coastline. As you get further away the terrain becomes rockier, and there are dramatic boulder strewn little cliffs and jetties where the waves crash along the shore. 

As we walked out of the town we watched people on the distance on the beach, while a yacht was coming into the estuary. Below us on the sands of the harbour, sea birds were walking back and forward pecking in the mud of the bay, while further out a cormorant was diving for fish.

As you come around the bend in the coastline you can see the headland of Howth in the distance and, and out to sea, slightly to the north you can see Lambay Island. There are parts of the 5km walk where you can get down to the rocky areas of the beach, and you can see the dramatic sea up close, with Howth and Ireland’s Eye in the distance.

On the day we were there, it was a beautiful day. There were light, fluffy clouds that caused the sun to come and go, but in the distance on the far shore of the beach, it created islands of light that danced up the shoreline. The daffodils were already blooming, and lots of people were out walking. It was my first time walking this path, and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. 

The west coast gets all the glory for its coastal scenery, but this is pretty impressive. If you ever get the chance, on a nice day, it’s worth the effort. The walk itself is 5km. We didn’t quite complete the full trip, going about 90% of the way (it got really cold). Below are some more pictures from this walk. You can find out more about Malahide at the town’s community website.


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