50 Shades of Green

A few years ago I was flying home from a trip abroad, and as we were approaching Dublin, I looked out of the aircraft window, and I saw a beautiful sight. Whatever way the light was at that time of day, I could see the rolling hills of the east coast in the distance, and there was an unmistakable shade of green about the landscape. As soon as I saw it it dawned on me as to why Ireland was called “The Emerald Isle”. There was something so distinctly Irish about the colour of the landscape, that I knew immediately that I was home. I have never forgotten that sight.

This image has been in my mind recently as we approach St. Patricks Day. The image of Ireland is so distinctly entertained with the colour green, but sometimes it gets too caught up in the stereotypes of the shamrock adorned, harp playing leprechaun. I always like to do things a little differently, and while harps and shamrocks may be the most appropriate way to showcase the day, I wanted to do it instead with a celebration of green. 

I actually posted a similar post a few years ago on my Photography blog, and so I thought it would make a nice addition here.

So here is a showcase of the colour green from around the city taken over the past few years. (And yes, there are leprechauns and shamrocks in there too.) Enjoy.

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