A Black & White Dublin Collection

One of the questions that people often ask me, is how do I keep it interesting when shooting Dublin. The city is quite small, and I try to go out shooting as often as possible, so you might think that things would become stale after a while. But the city is constantly changing and I’m often trying to find new and different ways to look at it. Sometimes it can be as simple as using black and white rather than colour. 

I was recently looking through my collection for another project and I found that I had created a nice set of black and white images. They aren’t from any particular time or place, but they show things a little differently. These photos are only from the last few years, and yet, even within that, you can see how the city has been changing. In some ways, it’s significant, in others subtle. 

And that’s the other side of this. Dublin, despite being a small city, is a living breathing and constantly changing town. The city’s heart beats an ever changing rhythm and as the seasons go by, the city’s beat marches on. As I said, it’s kind of random, but I hope you enjoy this collection of images. 

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