The First sunrise of the New Year for 2018

Last year I got up early with the aim of capturing the sunrise for the first day of the year. I took some nice shots of the light before dawn but it clouded over too much before the actual sun rose. Still, I wanted to make it a tradition, and so, once again, I headed to the same spot in order to catch the first rays of sun for 2018.

This year, the results were much better. There was only a little cloud on the horizon, which actually worked even better to create some nice imagery. I was shooting out over the Irish sea, from a famous Dublin landmark called Sandymount Strand. As we waited for the sun to come up, the tide was also coming in, and in the short time it took the sun to break the clouds, the tide had fully come in along the beach. The golden rays were quite beautiful, and I’m glad we got up to see it. 

I also shot some video, and I was really happy with how that came out too. In fact, the video is being really well received, and I think it makes a nice start to the new year.


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