Sunset over Dublin Port & Bull Island

Intending to get the most from the beautiful weather that we have been having recently, we set out to the north of the city, to Clontarf one evening to witness the sunset over the bay and the iconic Poolbeg Towers. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I ended up with a spectacular show, courtesy of the right timing and the beautiful evening.

As we arrived at Bull Island, crossing the sturdy but somewhat precarious-looking wooden bridge to the beach and walkway beyond, the tide was out, and the sky was only just starting to take on a hint of orange. As we walked out along the bull wall, the light slowly turned warmer and warmer, and after taking in the obligatory sights of the power station, and the famous shelters, we arrived at the statue of Our Lady, Star Of The Sea, just as a parade of ferries began to leave Dublin Port. 

It began with the Dublin Swift, Irish Ferries catamaran high-speed ferry, followed by a larger Irish Ferries ship. A few minutes later the freight ferry, Steatruck made its way out of the port. The evening sun dazzled across the steel hulls of the boats, like a bright shining light, as they slowly headed out to sea. The most amazing thing was when the wake of the ferries caused a series of waves to come racing towards the bull wall, then be reflected back towards the shore. 

As the ships passed and the sun began to set, the golden and then red light made the landscape look amazing. The sands of Dollymount strand took on an almost purple hue and back towards Clontarf, the low sun hung like a red ball int he evening sky. The silhouettes of people walking along the bull wall walkway looked like shadows in the red haze, almost like something from a science fiction movie. As we headed back in from the end of the walkway, we could see the Stena ferry power up, and it too began to head out to sea. Overall, it was a beautiful evening and an enjoyable walk, and while the sun is now setting earlier, it's well worth a trip to catch the sunset there if you have the opportunity.

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