Land Ho! Approaching Dublin Port from the Sea

I was returning home from a week in a sweltering London last Friday, and we had taken the boat home. I was never so happy to see cloudy skies after the month plus long heatwave. As we approached the shore of Ireland, the moody sky and sea made for some great images. 

The first sign of land as you approach the coast of Ireland is the silhouette of the Wicklow and Dublin mountains. Against the grey sky, you’re not sure at first if it is land or just another cloud, but as you get closer it becomes clear. The pointy shape of the sugar loaf in Wicklow is a welcome sight and soon you can see the coast of Wicklow and Dublin as you approach Irish waters. 

The sea traffic gets more frequent as you come closer to Dublin, with other ferries, tankers and the occasional fishing boat out in the bay. Passing Howth there is a few brave sailboats and windsurfers.

We’re used to seeing the iconic aspects of the area around Dublin port from land, specifically the Poolbeg towers. I know they aren’t actually part of Dublin port, but they’re the most visible sign that you’re home as you approach the docks. It’s quite interesting as you slowly sail past them coming into the mouth of the Liffey, as its a part of the city you don’t normally see. 

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